january 22nd 2013 at 11:50.. i met reece mastin at my local mcdonalds when he was coming back from his concert in wollongong, the most random place of all it was so out of the blue. my friend and i met up at 11pm cos she just finished work and we were just talking and chilling then i notice a big bus pull into the car park, i didn’t think much of it cos buses come all the time and tourists hop off to get food but couple of minutes later, a sexy guy in a white cut out singlet walks past with another guy and i was like “its that reece mastin” my friend looked at him looked at me and was like “i think it is” so i called out his name and he replied “yooo” then walked inside to order and i started freaking out , i couldn’t stop shaking and i started smiling so much, my friend had to literally drag me off the ground and take me inside, he was so lovely and nice and talked to us about just normal stuff and took photos while he waited for his food, i even called my cousin and he talked to her for a bit, he’s such an amazing lovely down to earth guy such a sweet heart, so happy i met him after going to his concert last year in december and meeting his mum dad and girlfriend and before that at sunrise when he signed my phone case, this is one thing i can cross off my bucket list, next is justin bieber, not that you guys care i just had to share my excitement somewhere. i’m still shaking and i’m still so shocked that i actually met him. carry on. xox
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    i went to his concert! he was amazing you’re so lucky!
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